This page outlines the parameters and options available for those "mini" websites maintained by Theo Todman (the ECBA webmaster).

For a list of Duplicate Bridge Clubs in Essex follow this link to the ECBA Website.


Many bridge clubs in Essex have their own websites.

Basically, EACH OF THESE MINI-WEBSITES (click the link) is provided free of charge as a public duty by Theo Todman, the ECBA webmaster, and uses results that have been previously published and are therefore in the public domain, and shows ...

The ladders link directly to the results for the sessions, from %age-lists in descending order. Butler Pairs and Teams events in the Pairs Ladders use cross-IMP scoring as per the NGS.

Parameters allow for:-

I am willing to create and maintain one of these sites for any club in Essex, whether affiliated to the ECBA or not. All you need to do is let me know and provide the basic details, and add me to your results circulation list. Ladders will only start to build up once you've joined, but if you have old Scorebridge or Jeff Smith electronic results files in web-page form, these can be added in.

I'm open to suggestions for adding extra features. Most of the software I've written has now been incorporated.

These sites are generated automatically so - now the computer code has been written - don't take up much of my time to keep up to date. But:-


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