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Number 103 : October 2000

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  1. Editorial
  2. Comments and Odds & Ends (Albert Dean)
  3. We are Many (Ann Kucera)
  4. Determinism (Anthony Owens)
  5. Coming up Roses (Anthony Owens)
  6. The Meaning & Purpose of Life (Anthony Owens)
  7. The Ranque Effect (Bob Cooper)
  8. The Enigmatic Nature and ’Myth’ of Time (Frank Luger)
  9. Freedom, Information & Utilitarianism (John Fender)
  10. Does Science Tell the Truth (Theo Todman, etc.)

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Published : 2000 by the Editor for the Philosophical Discussion Group of British Mensa.

Printed : 2000 by British Mensa, Wolverhampton. Distributed by mail.
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