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The primary purpose of the site is to act as a jumping-off point for various philosophy papers I've written or intend to write, together with providing access to various databases I've been compiling. Follow the Philosophy link for these.

Most of the new stuff I'm writing is in the form of Notes - items of text of varying length hyperlinked together (and to the various books and academic papers in my possession) by cunning routines of my own devising.

I produce a Quarterly Status Report detailing my plans and activities on my various projects, together with an automated Interim Report that's regenerated almost daily that shows activities since the last quarterly report, and another automated report that shows my current plans. Sadly, public activity in my music, bridge and chess projects is completely curtailed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Otherwise, the Notes by category can be accessed via the following jump-table. Notes that have been added or changed recently can be found quickly by interrogating the jump-tables for changes in the last seven, fourteen or twenty-eight days. These pages also purport to show those Papers & Books I've read or remarked on during the corresponding periods, though the automatic selection-process seems to be selecting rather too many.

From July 2007 - November 2013 I wrote what might pass for a Blog, though it seems to have been mostly dormant since then. Any such random cogitations are now mostly absorbed by my daily interaction with the Aeon eZine.

The site also contains a number of items I wrote before undertaking formal study of philosophy in 2000. I'm naturally less enthusiastic about these now than I once was. However, if you want the views of an opinionated autodidact, follow the Old Papers link.

To get to the somewhat briefer "personal" contents of the site, click on one of the remaining menu items above. I'm supposed to be working on my photos page as a background task; and in a sense I am, though the project has been monopolised by documenting the travails of my house Coxes Farm.

The photo on the right is of me resting after a long trek to the Palatine Hill, Rome. This is the closest I've come to being a stylite. As this photo was taken in 2004, it really ought to be replaced by one of an old codger.


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