Link to the page that contains links to all the papers from the Aeon e-zine I've collected, read and commented on.


Link to Jump Table for Animadversions - jottings with no obvious home to go to


The sole surviving example of my youthful artistic endevours


Some reminiscences. Mostly incomplete

Autobiography Jump Table

Jumping off page for the main autobiographical sub-divisions

Birkbeck - Term Report (Autumn 2007)

Status Report produced at the end of my first term at Birkbeck in the academic year 2007/8

Birkbeck - Term Report (Spring 2008)

Status Report produced at the end of my second term at Birkbeck in the academic year 2007/8 - giving notice to quit

Birkbeck Philosophy Society

Page showing the programmes of the Birkbeck Philosophy Society 2001-3 when I ran the society

Birkbeck Research Proposal

Reworked (hyperlinked) version of my original research proposal for a MPhil/PhD at Birkbeck


Not a true blog, but some thoughts and dialogues

Blog Jump Table

Jumping off page for all the topics and sub-topics covered in the Blog


Catalogue of my book collection, as far as I've got Ö only 2,000 to go! Sorted Alphabetically: in Title within Author sequence

Books (Categorised)

Catalogue of my book collection. Sorted by Title within Author within Sub-Topic within Topic within Subject sequence


Control page for my bridge activities

Bridge - Bidding Practice

Output of a bridge-hand generator I wrote for bidding practice

Bridge - Books

My collection of bridge books

Bridge - Consolidated Results

Consolidated list of all my session results since returning to Bridge at the end of 2007

Bridge - Convention Cards

Bridge Convention Cards I use with my regular & irregular partners


Link to the page summarising my youthful exploits as a Carthusian monk


Control page for my chess activities

Christian Background

Control page for my former Christian activities

Christian Tractatus

This was my attempt, hailing from 1991, to decide whether I should remain a Christian. I decided I couldn't


All the editions of Commensal, the newsletter of the Philosophical Discussion Group of British Mensa, which I edited from 1997-2001

Coxes Farm

Jumping off page for photos of our house, and descriptions of the various enhancements and repairs we have undertaken

Electronic Journals

Table of journals available on-line, via JSTOR etc. Requires logon for the actual text. Focuses on journals devoted to Philosophy, Psychology and related disciplines


Skeletal details of my family situation, truncated after my children complained that further details compromised their privacy

Identity Papers Full

Full list of journal papers & book chapters in my possession on the philosophical topic of Identity, with links to notes I've made and other information

Identity Papers Full by Sub-Topic

Similar to "Identity Papers Full", but categorised by Sub-Topic within the topic of "Identity"

Identity Papers Read

That subset of "Identity Papers Full" that I've actually finished reading; they are more likely to have useful annotations that the full list

Identity Papers Read by Sub-Topic

As above for "Identity Papers Full by Sub-Topic"


Control page for my musical activities


Link to the Jump Table that controls the links to all the inter-hyperlinked Notes I've written on any subject whatever

Notes Changed - Last 07 Days

Notes that had changed in the last 7 days when I last regenerated this table - it gives an indication of what I'm working on at present, and am willing to publish

Notes Changed - Last 14 Days

As above, but in the last 14 days

Notes Changed - Last 28 Days

As above, but in the last 28 days


The stuff I wrote for the Open Bible Trust from 1984-1988

Old Papers

Lots of old stuff written prior to my undertaking formal philosophical study

Old Papers - Consolidated List

Consolidated list of old papers I wrote for the OBT and Mensa Philosophical Discussion Group


Control page for my non-philosophical activities

Personal Identity - Current Focus

Section of my Philosophy Page dealing with my latest activites on the topic of Personal Identity

Personal Identity - Essays

Section of my Philosophy Page dealing with the essays I wrote in my first year studying for the MPhil/PhD at Birkbeck

Personal Identity - Notes

This will eventually be important - it's an attempt to break down the topic of Personal Identity into component Sub-topics, and consolidate my thoughts thereon

Personal Identity - Papers Referenced

Philosophical books and papers used (or to be used) in pursuit of my research

Personal Identity - Research

Control page for my research activities

Personal Identity - Research Proposal

Section of my Philosophy Page dealing with my original proposal for MPhil/PhD at Birkbeck

Personal Identity - Supervisions

Section (password protected) of my Philosophy Page dealing with the Notes on my supervisions with Prof. Jenifer Hornsby at Birkbeck

Personal Identity - Thesis Outline

Section of my Philosophy Page dealing with the outline of my PhD Thesis

Personal Identity - Write-ups

Section of my Philosophy Page dealing with all the analyses of philosophy papers relevant to my research that I've written to date

Personal Identity - Write-ups Jump table

Jumping-off point for all the analyses of philosophy papers relevant to my research that I've written to date


Control page for my philosophical activities

Philosophy BA - Book Analyses

Systematic analyses of four philosophy books undertaken during my BA course

Philosophy BA - Earlier Essays

Essays prior to my final year

Philosophy BA - Final Year Essays

Final year essays, pre-submitted for my BA in lieu of taking 4 of the 8 exam papers

Philosophy BA - Paper Analyses

All the philosophy papers on which I had anything to say during my undergraduate years

Philosophy BA - Papers

Control page for the work I did when studyig for my BA in philosophy at Birkbeck

Philosophy Databases

Control page for my Book and Philosophical Paper collections, with some further information and links not given in the Site Map

Philosophy Internet Resources

Control page for philosophical web-resources outside my own site

Philosophy Papers Full

All the philosophy papers in my possession

Philosophy Papers Full (Categorised)

The above, by category (needs some improvement)


Some family photos. This page needs updating.

Status Reports

Jumping off page for my monthly status reports

Status: Bridge

Report on my Bridge-playing activities

Status: Chess

Report on my Chess-playing activities

Status: Consciousness Studies

Report on my studies into the scientific and philosophical theories of consciousness

Status: HiQ

Report on my activities in Mensa & ISPE

Status: Languages

Report on my linguistic studies

Status: Mathematics

Report on my (minimal) mathematical dabblings

Status: Music

Report on my oboe and piano studies

Status: Personal Identity

Status report for my philosophical research topic

Status: Philosophy of Religion

The title may be misleading - currently more background reading than philosophy

Status: Summary

Controling summary report, with consolidated action list

Status: Web-Tools

Status report of my project to use web-technology in the aid of philosophy

Thesis Outline

Outline of my Thesis in hyperlinked form

Thesis Outline - Sample Chapter

Outline of Chapter 2 of my proposed Thesis - "What Are We?" - as far as I got

Web Links

Some useful Philosophy web-links

Web Technology - And Philosophy

A paper expounding my thoughts on the use of Web Technology in philosophical research

Web Technology - Printable Notes

An explanation of how the "Printable Notes" work

Web Technology - Progress to Date

A Summary of the development work done to date on my Web Site Generator

Why I am no longer a Christian

A more recent attempt than my Christian Tractatus to answer this question

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