Link to Jump Table for Animadversions - jottings with no obvious home to go to

→ Aeon

Link to the page that contains links to all the papers from the Aeon e-zine I've collected, read and commented on.


Not a true blog, but some thoughts and dialogues

→ Blog Jump Table

Jumping off page for all the topics and sub-topics covered in the Blog


Control page for my non-philosophical activities

→ Artwork

The sole surviving example of my youthful artistic endevours

→ Autobiography

Some reminiscences. Mostly incomplete

→ → Autobiography Jump Table

Jumping off page for the main autobiographical sub-divisions

→ Christian Background

Control page for my former Christian activities

→ → Carthusians

Link to the page summarising my youthful exploits as a Carthusian monk

→ → Christian Tractatus

This was my attempt, hailing from 1991, to decide whether I should remain a Christian. I decided I couldn't

→ → Why I am no longer a Christian

A more recent attempt than my Christian Tractatus to answer this question

→ Coxes Farm

Jumping off page for photos of our house, and descriptions of the various enhancements and repairs we have undertaken

→ Family

Skeletal details of my family situation, truncated after my children complained that further details compromised their privacy

→ Photos

Some family photos. This page needs updating.

→ Status Reports

Jumping off page for my monthly status reports

→ → Status: Summary

Controling summary report, with consolidated action list

→ → Status: Bridge

Report on my Bridge-playing activities

→ → Status: Chess

Report on my Chess-playing activities

→ → Status: Consciousness Studies

Report on my studies into the scientific and philosophical theories of consciousness

→ → Status: HiQ

Report on my activities in Mensa & ISPE

→ → Status: Languages

Report on my linguistic studies

→ → Status: Mathematics

Report on my (minimal) mathematical dabblings

→ → Status: Music

Report on my oboe and piano studies

→ → Status: Personal Identity

Status report for my philosophical research topic

→ → Status: Philosophy of Religion

The title may be misleading - currently more background reading than philosophy

→ → Status: Web-Tools

Status report of my project to use web-technology in the aid of philosophy


Control page for my bridge activities

→ Bridge - Bidding Practice

Output of a bridge-hand generator I wrote for bidding practice

→ Bridge - Consolidated Results

Consolidated list of all my session results since returning to Bridge at the end of 2007

→ Bridge - Books

My collection of bridge books

→ Bridge - Convention Cards

Bridge Convention Cards I use with my regular & irregular partners


Control page for my chess activities


Control page for my musical activities


Link to the Jump Table that controls the links to all the inter-hyperlinked Notes I've written on any subject whatever

→ Notes Changed - Last 07 Days

Notes that had changed in the last 7 days when I last regenerated this table - it gives an indication of what I'm working on at present, and am willing to publish

→ Notes Changed - Last 14 Days

As above, but in the last 14 days

→ Notes Changed - Last 28 Days

As above, but in the last 28 days


Control page for my philosophical activities

→ Personal Identity - Research

Control page for my research activities

→ → Personal Identity - Current Focus

Section of my Philosophy Page dealing with my latest activites on the topic of Personal Identity

→ → Personal Identity - Essays

Section of my Philosophy Page dealing with the essays I wrote in my first year studying for the MPhil/PhD at Birkbeck

→ → Personal Identity - Notes

This will eventually be important - it's an attempt to break down the topic of Personal Identity into component Sub-topics, and consolidate my thoughts thereon

→ → Personal Identity - Research Proposal

Section of my Philosophy Page dealing with my original proposal for MPhil/PhD at Birkbeck

→ → → Birkbeck Research Proposal

Reworked (hyperlinked) version of my original research proposal for a MPhil/PhD at Birkbeck

→ → Personal Identity - Supervisions

Section (password protected) of my Philosophy Page dealing with the Notes on my supervisions with Prof. Jenifer Hornsby at Birkbeck

→ → Personal Identity - Thesis Outline

Section of my Philosophy Page dealing with the outline of my PhD Thesis

→ → → Thesis Outline

Outline of my Thesis in hyperlinked form

→ → → Thesis Outline - Sample Chapter

Outline of Chapter 2 of my proposed Thesis - "What Are We?" - as far as I got

→ → Personal Identity - Write-ups

Section of my Philosophy Page dealing with all the analyses of philosophy papers relevant to my research that I've written to date

→ → → Personal Identity - Write-ups Jump table

Jumping-off point for all the analyses of philosophy papers relevant to my research that I've written to date

→ → Personal Identity - Papers Referenced

Philosophical books and papers used (or to be used) in pursuit of my research

→ → → Identity Papers Full

Full list of journal papers & book chapters in my possession on the philosophical topic of Identity, with links to notes I've made and other information

→ → → Identity Papers Full by Sub-Topic

Similar to "Identity Papers Full", but categorised by Sub-Topic within the topic of "Identity"

→ → → Identity Papers Read

That subset of "Identity Papers Full" that I've actually finished reading; they are more likely to have useful annotations that the full list

→ → → Identity Papers Read by Sub-Topic

As above for "Identity Papers Full by Sub-Topic"

→ → Birkbeck - Reports

No Link - item to group the links below

→ → → Birkbeck - Term Report (Autumn 2007)

Status Report produced at the end of my first term at Birkbeck in the academic year 2007/8

→ → → Birkbeck - Term Report (Spring 2008)

Status Report produced at the end of my second term at Birkbeck in the academic year 2007/8 - giving notice to quit

→ Philosophy Internet Resources

Control page for philosophical web-resources outside my own site

→ → Electronic Journals

Table of journals available on-line, via JSTOR etc. Requires logon for the actual text. Focuses on journals devoted to Philosophy, Psychology and related disciplines

→ → Web Links

Some useful Philosophy web-links

→ Philosophy Databases

Control page for my Book and Philosophical Paper collections, with some further information and links not given in the Site Map

→ → Books

Catalogue of my book collection, as far as I've got Ö only 2,000 to go! Sorted Alphabetically: in Title within Author sequence

→ → Books (Categorised)

Catalogue of my book collection. Sorted by Title within Author within Sub-Topic within Topic within Subject sequence

→ → Philosophy Papers Full

All the philosophy papers in my possession

→ → Philosophy Papers Full (Categorised)

The above, by category (needs some improvement)

→ Philosophy BA - Papers

Control page for the work I did when studyig for my BA in philosophy at Birkbeck

→ → Philosophy BA - Book Analyses

Systematic analyses of four philosophy books undertaken during my BA course

→ → Philosophy BA - Earlier Essays

Essays prior to my final year

→ → Philosophy BA - Final Year Essays

Final year essays, pre-submitted for my BA in lieu of taking 4 of the 8 exam papers

→ → Philosophy BA - Paper Analyses

All the philosophy papers on which I had anything to say during my undergraduate years

→ Birkbeck Philosophy Society

Page showing the programmes of the Birkbeck Philosophy Society 2001-3 when I ran the society

Web Technology

No Link. Item to group the links below

→ Web Technology - And Philosophy

A paper expounding my thoughts on the use of Web Technology in philosophical research

→ Web Technology - Printable Notes

An explanation of how the "Printable Notes" work

→ Web Technology - Progress to Date

A Summary of the development work done to date on my Web Site Generator

Old Papers

Lots of old stuff written prior to my undertaking formal philosophical study

→ Commensal

All the editions of Commensal, the newsletter of the Philosophical Discussion Group of British Mensa, which I edited from 1997-2001


The stuff I wrote for the Open Bible Trust from 1984-1988

→ Old Papers - Consolidated List

Consolidated list of old papers I wrote for the OBT and Mensa Philosophical Discussion Group

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